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Following up the developer when purchasing a property 
Buying through Feriebolig Utland gives you advantages. For instance, you have a professional, local partner who will assist you and help you conversate with developer and the selling part. You also have a partner who helps you follow up the contract with developer. We function as a link between the buying part and the selling part. We ask custions on the behalf of our customers before, meanwhile in the process and after the contract is signed. It might be very important to have a professional when handing over the property and to follow up the developer. Using us to fulfill the process of buying a property lets you lower your shoulders. Our brokers have more than 10 years of experience on these spesific tasks, follow up contracts, correcting mistakes and errors and make the buying process smooth. We posses brokers who speak English, Norwegian and Spanish, which is considered a demand for being able to work professionally with the developers,  the buying part and the selling part. 
And remember - you get all this without extra costs. 

Legal assistance With purchase - tax Return Spain - Testament in Spain
By purchasing a property using Feriebolig Utland you are guaranteed a safe trade. Our "in-house" lawyers and settlement brokers, working for Eurocosta, are located in our office in Torrevieja. They, in the cooporation With the office in Oslo, make sure that all properties are safely ------ overskjøtet ----- ,regarding Spanish Law and regulations, to our customers. They also take care of everything that includes a purchase of a real estate in Spain; creation of NIE number (Spanish social security number), registration of water and electricity subscriptions, registration in joint / public register, etc. - in short, all that is necessary for you as a buyer to have as little as possible to think about. On the Costa del Sol we work closely with Cramer lawyers in Fuengirola, who has assisted our clients with the legal of the actual property transfer. Our settlement brokers speak Spanish, English and Norwegian.
Our settlement brokers also assist our clients with annual tax returns in Spain, as well as the creation of testaments in Spain. They also ensure that necessary taxes and fees are paid to Spain. 

Some customers choose to finance their purchase of housing through Norwegian banks, while others choose to use Spanish/internationsl banks. Feriebolig Utland is working closely with several banks that can offer you up to 70% Mortgage financing in Spain. Interest from 1,9% pa on loans in euro, and maturity up to 25 years.

Contact our office in Oslo if you want a non-binding loan offer from one of our bank connections - we have long experience in obtaining good loan offers on the behalf of our customers in Spain. 

We help you With furnitures, TV & internet
By purchasing through us, Our office in Spain assists you with all the practical tasks after you have bought a property. We help you find furniture for your home and make sure it is delivered in time. Our employees takes care of this for you. We also help you install the internet solution you need in your new property. If you want Norwegian or other international TV-channels, we help you with this as well.

Renting property
Many of our customers chhose to rent their property when they are not using it themselves. Out of experience, a property in Spain gives good rental Income, and in many cases you can earn more money this way than having your money kept in the bank. We assist our customers to get in touch with the best rental companies in the area of your home. These provide for the administration of the rental of your holiday home. 

Example when renting Your home:
We start with purchasing a holiday home for 1.800.000 NOK including costs. Loan make up 70% of purchase price, meaning 1.260.000 NOK. Interest 3,0% p.a. (interest rates of about 2% on financing in Spanish/international banks by loans in euro).
Rental income
- 12 weeks high season x 6000 NOK /week NOK. 72.000
- 3 months rental low season x 7000 /month NOK. 21.000
Total amount ; NOK. 93.000

Advantages for yourself when having a property abroad:

- saved expenses for hotels on vacations etc NOK. 30.000
Depreciating housing 2% /year NOK. 36.000
Total income NOK. 159.000/year


Interest expenses 3%                                        
(taking into account 27% interest deduction)
NOK. 27.600
Joint expenses cohabitation covering caretaker, gardener, communal pool etc. NOK. 6.000
Power, water, insurance NOK. 12.000
internet + TV (Norwegian channels) NOK. 5.000
Annual property tak Spain NOK. 2.000
Administration and marketing NOK. 20.000
Total NOK. 72.600/year
Totalt NOK. 72.600/year
Income/benefit of own property NOK. 159.000/year
Expenses NOK. 72.600/year
Net gain NOK. 86.400/year

We will help you with everything practical to get you started with the rental of the property. We also collect a non-binding loan offer in our collaborating banks, leaving you with no costs.

Company property abroad
An increasing number of companies in Norway see the benefits of investing surplus capital in a company-based business to themselves and their employees. It can be a good alternative to a cabin on the mountain in Norway. The company has the exact same economic benefits as in Norway, with full deduction for all costs. Our experience With companies that have invested in a property in Spain is indoutedly positive - the employees really appreciate this welfare god and the occupancy of the holiday home is high.

Contact our office in Oslo, and we gladly help you in the process of finding a property that fulfills the criterias the company is looking for. We can also ensure that everything practical as keys, cleaning and maintenance of the accomodation is taken care of in Spain. 

We assure our customers an insurance offer. We cooporate with Caser Insurance, which spesializes in foreign owners of homes in Spain. This is a serious and safe insurance partner that offers very competetive prices and English-speaking customer service.